One Exausted cat!

After three weeks on the road, Callie became adept at figuring out whether we were going to sightsee for the day or pack up and head to another town. She was having so much fun but missed her days napping. In Yakima she actually crawled up into the box spring to prevent us from making her go along. We would pretend to leave and then come back five or ten minutes later and she would be parked on top of the bed and blinking innocently when the door was opened. She seemed to have some regret when we would get back late in the day, but nevertheless enjoyed some quiet time all to herself. This would definitely rejuvenate her and she would be ready for rough and tumble playtime afterwards. Some of our adventures were easier without her, but we didn’t let her know that. She can be pretty smug when she gets her own way.

Hiding under the bed…
Someone is very tired…

An invitation to play!

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