August 16: South Lake Tahoe

Heading home was now our goal and staying in South Lake Tahoe for a few days was a nice way to end our trip. It was unseasonably warm and forest fires were burning in all directions. The Blue Ridge FIre was still out of control along the Cajon  Pass and Wrightwood had been evacuated and the skies even in Tahoe were dull with smoke. On the advice of our good friend, Fred, we chose to explore Fallen Leaf and Lily Lakes. The road to Fallen Leaf is narrow and it amazed me that there is a whole community of people that live around this charming and secluded lake. Neither Michael nor I had even heard of it. Fallen Leaf and the falls above the lake did not disappoint us. It turned out to be a fun day of exploration. The mature forest hid the smokey skies and it was cool and shaded and rich with the scent of evergreen. We saw a sign posted that read: Public Beach, but did not find it, so we headed further up to the falls. Fallen Leaf Falls was delightful. We hiked around and enjoyed the sights and sound of running water and the vast rock formations that prevent the water from eroding the hillside. Further up is Lily Lake and to my delight, I discovered a beaver lodge. Could beaver really be living at Lily Lake? I suppose I should do some research before assuming it, but I know a beaver lodge when I see one, and I would prefer to BELIEVE IT IS A BEAVER LODGE! What else could it possibly be? Below is a photograph and the Lodge is in the upper right hand corner.  We also visited beautiful Emerald Bay and Eagle Creek Falls above it. The hike to Eagle Creek Falls is short and sweet and you can wade into a cool and refreshing pool of water when you arrive.  Staying in South Tahoe was a fabulous experience,  but we had to think about heading back to our wonderful desert. Anza Borrego and the little town of Borrego Springs beckoned us to return! Michael, Callie and I had been gone for almost a month and needed to return to reality. We were able to drive south down the Cajon Pass just hours after it had been opened up again due to the wildfires. The fire had burned for miles and miles and we were shocked to see all the damage and destruction.  Our planet is warming up and the lush Washington and Oregon State rivers and lakes seemed far away. Living in a desert sure makes you appreciate the color green and the serene blue of water, and how precious and fragile our beautiful planet is. We had a fabulous time on the road with Callie and plan on heading out again soon. Thank you dear readers for taking the time to read this blog. I am not a skilled writer, but can only hope that my photographs describe what words cannot convey. Travels With Callie will be continued…

Travels with Callie!

Stairway to Eagle Creek Falls
Cute little beggar…
Beaver lodge on Lily Lake….

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