Off-roading in Coyote Canyon, Anza Borrego State Park

Michael, Callie, my brother Tom and his wife Frances and I went off-roading this morning to Coyote Canyon in Anza Borrego State Park. It is autumn now but we had a lovely rainstorm about 2 weeks ago and the red ocotillo took no time at all to leaf out and in some cases have even bloomed. The creosote and desert willow were also blooming and the desert was fragrant and filled with the sound of bees buzzing and birds singing.  The weather was a pleasant 80 degrees and the sky was a powder blue. There was just enough of a breeze to keep it cool. We went as far as lower coyote canyon and stopped at the spring. I was surprised to find as much water as we did so late in the year. Summer has just left its searing mark and the nights are crisp and the desert has sighed with relief. The high this summer was a deathly 124 degrees and at that temperature, it is very difficult to enjoy yourself outdoors. I felt for the plants and animals during the brutal summer. You can almost sense that the threat of eminent death from sunstroke and lack of water has passed. Callie loved the ride and enjoyed walking around the spring waters edge. Hummingbirds were abundant and the bees were prolific. It felt reassuring to see a healthy population of wild bees pollinating and working so diligently. Callie rolled in the warm sand and enjoyed discovering bugs and scents that only she could pick up. I could tell she had smelled something especially intoxicating because she stands still, closes her eyes and breathes in deep with her upper lip curled, she is so expressive. When we headed back, we drove through town and I showed off Carlees and the Art Institute. I am proud of Borrego Springs. It is a resort destination but closes down for the summer, and only a few diehards manage to survive the hot season of summer. Michael and I were here all but the month of August and we had the town mostly to ourselves. Borrego Springs is welcoming her human population back again and the town is just beginning to receive her guests with open arms.

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