Callie My Muse

There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t take multiple photos of Callie. It gets to the point that when I aim the camera at her she frowns at me. She would much rather I play with her then  take photographs. She doesn’t know exactly what I am doing, but I stop chasing her and pulling her tail and grabbing and tickling her. She loves to be handled and touched, and takes great satisfaction in a little rough and tumble playtime. For her part, she poses and plays with such abandon, that I get numerous quality images of her to work into paintings. She is also able to play outdoors and I can take photos of her while she plays. She can’t be outside without my protection because of all the coyotes in the area, and so I take photos of her and get some work done at the same time.  It is a simbiatic relationship that we both benefit from. I am grateful for her playful personality and for the companionship she provides. Some may very well say what a spoiled cat she is, but it is “I” that have been spoiled. She  is the most adorable, sweet, fun loving , brave, curious and big hearted cat I have ever had the good fortune of having a relationship with. And to think that all I wanted was another dog….

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