To Kill a Mockingbird

When we moved to Borrego Springs around 16 months ago, there were a pair of mockingbirds that frequented the backyard looking for insects. The male was particularly flashy and had a big personality and in retrospect, I don’t think he had ever encountered a cat before Callie came along. He would broadcast his song every night and hop around the yard like he owned the place. He had a cocky attitude and was a very handsome fellow. One day, while we were sitting out back enjoying the sunrise, we watched this bird get closer and closer to Callie and he did not seem to exhibit any fear or concern about his safety. He hopped along the top of the back wall and Callie waited patiently at the base. I kept a close eye on his antics because I didn’t want to see him become breakfast on the wing. Now cats will be cats, and Callie is no different. She is an adept huntress and has on the rare occasion, caught one bird that I know of, but I didn’t intend on allowing her to catch any more. She may hunt all the moths, crickets and grasshoppers she wants, but birds are off the menu! So, along comes this bird and it hops right over the wall and lands almost on top of Callie before he realizes his mistake and makes a frantic dash straight up into the air to get away. Of course, Callie was ready for it and she jumped straight up into the air herself and deftly nabbed him with both paws and smacked him down on the ground with both wings spread. He let out a heart wrenching scream and I was on top of them before much harm could be done.  He did loose a few pin feathers in the scuffle but was able to fly away so I know he did not sustain any life threatening injuries and I still see him around next door. His pride and dignity were hurt and it was quite the scare, but he learned his lesson and only hangs out at the neighbors’s yard. He is one lucky bird and successfully raised a brood of young over the springtime with his much quieter mate. I once again can hear his song in the middle of the night and he displays his cockiness and handsomeness for all to see. He can be seen on occasion flying straight up into the air like there is a cat chasing after him, but now he turns it into a beautiful swan dive and returns to his perch with feathers intact and no harm done. He is much wiser for the near death experience and I know it will take much more than one little cat named Callie, to kill a mockingbird.

2 thoughts on “To Kill a Mockingbird

  1. Vicki October 11, 2016 / 12:47 am

    I’m happy that you saved the bird.. and Callie is very beautiful.

    Liked by 1 person

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