Look what the Storm blew in…

Anza Borrego Desert experiences incredible windstorms whenever there is storm inland, and I have never experienced wind like I do in the desert.  These storms blow in with very little advance notice and I can only imagine the havoc it plays on the wildlife. Coyotes don’t have the luxury of saying, “Eh, it is too windy today to hunt, let’s take the day off and eat tomorrow!” The wind blows so hard that animals cannot eat nor can they hunt or even rest properly. The sand is everywhere and it gets in your eyes and nose and mouth and there is no escape for those that live outdoors. We humans at least have the luxury of seeking shelter indoors. I have given up caring about the sand in the house, but with animals, it is an everyday occurrence and acceptance must be the norm. One day, while the wind blew so hard that it kept me indoors, I watched this beautiful great white egret make a landing in our backyard. What a graceful bird… It took the power of its large wingspan to make a safe landing. It sought shelter from the storm and I was careful not to bother it while it rested. When the winds died down, this beautiful bird that in 1953, became the symbol of the National Audubon Society, in part, to prevent the killing of birds for their feathers, flew off in search of new territory. It left me feeling awed at the beauty of this bird and that we could be for once, a part of the solution instead of being the problem. This egret sought a safe haven in the middle of a sand and windstorm and I was able for a change, to provide a safe place for it to ride out the storm.

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