The Table has Turned

In my last blog, I told the story of Callie and the mockingbird and it reminded me of Callie and the roadrunner. Callie’s abusive behavior toward the poor mockingbird is reversed when the roadrunner comes a courting! I grew up watching Wile. E Coyote and the Roadrunner cartoons and I can assure you that the roadrunner is indeed the smarter animal. I have a roadrunner that careens through the backyard on his way to wherever he goes, and he has such a badass attitude, that even Callie keeps her distance. He truly owns his territory and Callie is lucky to escape with her life whenever he chooses to make a visit. If he spots Callie resting in the shadows of the backyard, he will make a beeline toward her and challenge her to a dual. Callie does not take him up on the offer and instead looks up to me to be her protector. He makes eye contact and then clucks and bobs his head up and down and sways back and forth with his long tail feathers the only thing preventing him from falling over. His beak looks like a samauri sword and you can tell he has no problem with using it as a lethal weapon. He seems dangerous even to me! He runs along the top of the wall itching to pick a fight with anyone or anything that gets in his way. He coolly and methodically takes a drink of water from the fountain and will even blast his way into the house if the door is left ajar. He is fearless…. I can clearly visualize him in a fight with a rattlesnake and I feel very sorry for the snake.  Callie may have been a bully with the mockingbird, but the table has definitely been turned when Mr. Roadrunner pays a visit!

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