A Chance Visit

My husband and I were sipping tea and coffee outside after our morning  bike ride when who should come to visit, but Mr. Roadrunner, and this time he brought his mate. The male has a beautiful headdress of red, black and white that flashes brilliantly when he stops to stare at me. He is really quite stunning and seems to know it! He runs very fast with a burst of energy for a short distance, and then stops abruptly and bobs his head. The female is more subdued in color but just as beautiful, and takes her cue from him. When he starts to run, she shadows him and I can only imagine what would happen when they come across a snake. It appears that they work as a team when hunting, and they are not afraid of Callie at all. If I had stayed perfectly still, they would have come into the backyard.  I wanted to take photographs though, so it forced them to stay on the wall.  To my surprise, they are eating the black olives from the olive tree and that is why I am seeing them more often. It has become an everyday experience to see at least one of the roadrunners careening through the backyard.  They zip back and forth and act like they own the place, and would  love to see Callie challenge them to a dual. Callie on the other hand thinks “not a chance” and acts brave but stays close to me and just makes funny little facial expressions and clucks to herself. When they flew back over the fence and into the desert, Callie raced up the olive tree to get a better look, and watched them with intensity as they ran along with their funny lope, back into the wilderness. What a wonderful way to start the day.

One thought on “A Chance Visit

  1. Gayle October 13, 2016 / 8:07 pm

    Beautiful photos Joan, magnificent birds.


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