Desert Trip Music Festival-Second Weekend

I posted that I was attending the Coachella Music Festival. I was mistaken… It was Desert Trip, the first year of its conception, and Michael and I went to the second weekend event. The Music Festival was sold out within three hours but my husband was able to get tickets from a gentleman that upgraded to VIP instead of general admission. I am celebrating my 61st birthday this week and going to the concert was one of the highlights of my life. The venue was held at the polo fields in Coachella, California and was done with such incredible organization and skill that the event went smoothly and with 85,000 people attending, you couldn’t ask for a better experience. We sat in general admission which meant first come first serve and we dragged our chairs back and forth from the car to the designated area every afternoon. It had to have been at least a mile from the parking lot to the field, but there  was such a feeling of high excitement that I didn’t mind. You could also rent a bike and driver with lights flashing and music blasting over boom boxes if you so desired. We sat so far back from the stage that the performers were tiny little people, thankfully, there were four huge screeens well placed and gigantic speakers pumping out surround sound, which allowed us to take it all in with comfort and ease. Food for every imaginable craving was provided along with alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks. My only complaint was that white wine was $18.00 for a 5 oz serving. That seemed totally unfair to me. Beer was only $10.00. My wonderful husband served me three servings of wine on the first day, and after that I decided to stay sober but still had the high of my life. Fans lit up joints when the lights were dimmed and the smell of marijuana filled the air bringing back a flood of memories from my youth. We also took the time to check out a photo exhibition that was held throughout the weekend that showed 50 years of rock n roll, and the performing guests were well documented. Bob Dylan had just received the Nobel Prize for Literature the day before and put on a wonderful performance even if he was still not able to make eye contact or talk to his fans. Recent reviews claim he had just a touch of swagger and it may have been due to the Nobel Prize. Mick Jagger and Keith Richards with the Rolling Stones more than made up for it when they came on stage next. Mick and Keith blew my mind wth their ability to act and behave like teenagers. Mick joked that singing in the desert air was like singing into a blow drier. He also quipped that AA sponsors were waiting back stage for them when they were finished performing. Saturday evening was started with Neil Young and his loving embrace of “mother earth” and organic seed distribution made me proud to be an old hippie at heart. The Super Moon was rising behind the stage with his performance and it was totally fitting with his musical message and theme of climate change. Paul McCartney has a new wife Nancy, and two of his daughters attended and he is once again madly in love with a wonderful woman. His youthfulness and positive attitude were on full display and I am totally impressed with his performance. He dedicated a “My Valentine” song to his current wife and he sang a song for his beloved Linda too. He loves performaing and looked lovingly out over 85,000 fans that adore him in return.  This turned the concert into a love fest… Sunday evening and our last night with The Who and George Rogers Waters, a cofounder of Pink Floyd, brought the house down. Lead singer, Roger Daltrey and bass guitarist, Pete Townshend from The Who, were playing their last concert of a world tour for the season and seemed genuinely sad to be finishing. The Who played their hearts out and I am sure I suffered some hearing loss after that performance!  It was the joke of the weekdend that all the old geezers were putting on a last concert before they croaked. What struck me most about all the performers, was their obvious health and fitness. They look better now than they did at fifty.  Rogers Waters from Pink Floyd came on last and turned the concert into a political statement against Donald Trump. When performing  “The Wall” he had a group of young hispanic children line up in front of the stage and clap and sway while singing along with him about a crack in the wall. He also talked about going to Washington DC last year and helping wounded veterans reconnect with musical instruments. At the end, the pink pig floated out with Divided We Fall and anti Trump slogans painted on it. It made me proud to be an American and to stand up to and against the nationalistic rhetoric of the GOP party. I want a world that is inclusive, and a planet that is respected and loved, and that people of all race and color treat each other with respect and dignity.  I am still buzzing from last night and can only say that I am incredibly grateful for having experienced this music festival first hand. The people of this planet need to spend  more time listening to a shared love of music. Everyone that I came into contact with at this event felt the same way. We met wonderful people and will even continue a friendship with a fabulous couple from Montreal, Canada. I plan on spending quality time with these wonderful new friends in the near future! Three cheers for Desert Trip!!! And a special thank you to my husband for making it happen… I am so appreciative that I made the effort to attend.

One thought on “Desert Trip Music Festival-Second Weekend

  1. kingajpg November 4, 2016 / 6:53 pm

    This looks – AMAZING! Fantastic photos &videos. It was great reading the post as well. Looked like a good time!:)

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