Family Ties 

I am so fortunate to have 6 sisters and 1 brother and that I am right in the middle of a large and loving family. I have the advantage of being close to all of them. We lost both our parents several years ago and it is important that we keep in touch and continue to be loving and supportive of one another. Gayle in particular is my Irish twin and we are probably the closest. We have always ridden horses, raised a menagerie of dogs, cats, birds, and with Gayle, a donkey named Pancho. Today is my last day of being 60 years old and Gayle spent several days with me celebrating my birthday early in Borrego Springs, California. Michael is good about giving me time alone with her and Callie and I enjoyed her visit very much. We managed to hike Borrego Palm Canyon, swim and bike around De Anza Country Club Golf Course and Indian Head Ranch. We also ate wonderful meals and drank fabulous chardonnay wine called Big Churn. For any of you who want a decent buttery and reasonably priced wine, Big Churn is a bargain and can be found at Trader Joe’s. Gayle made me a beautiful doll named Joan and she exudes attitude and love of life. She also baked carmel apple cupcakes and brought Halloween and Autumn decorations so that I could get in the mood for Fall. Of course I placed my new doll, Joan, on top of my wine rack like she is riding a horse into the sunset. I also got a box of See’s assorted dark chocolates. When I was in college, an assignment called Fantasy was requested of all the students and my project was an oil painting of See’s Candy, Nuts and Chews. I still own this painting and have it prominently displayed in my entranceway. Gayle left today and Michael will return to continue in the festivities. Thank you Gayle for coming to visit. Turning 61 will be a pleasure. 

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