Think before you Drink! 

I have seen other cats use their paws to dip into water in order to lick it off. And I believe that Callie does this so that she doesn’t get water up her nose or if the water is too low for her to reach in a glass with her tongue. Even if she isn’t the only cat doing this, I still think it demonstrates a fair amount of intelligence. The first time I witnessed this behavior was when I left a glass of water that was only half full on the bathroom counter. I would brush my teeth in the evening and go to bed and in the morning I would use that water the next time I brushed my teeth. There is a California drought going on and I am trying to comply with less water usage. One day, I happened to look back before climbing into bed and who should I see, but Callie drinking out of my glass of water. She had made a beeline for the glass as soon as the lights were turned off and because she couldn’t reach the water with her tongue, she dipped her paw inside and used it as a tool. Can you imagine drinking from that glass the next day? She uses that same paw to cover up her poop in the litter box. I was horrified but at the same time I was very impressed and I thought to myself that she is so adorable being super careful not to knock the glass over. She gently dips her paw in the water and delicately licks it off her paw when it is wet. After my initial surprise, and relief that in the future, I will not be drinking water out of a glass that has been left over night on the counter, all I can think of is how grateful I am that I witnessed such intelligent behavior and that I discovered this behavior before I drank the water the next day!  Who knows how long I have been drinking water defiled by her paw before I made this discovery! She is very feminine and acts like a girl when she does this. The only time I see her acting in a manner that is not befitting her cuteness is when another cat comes along and she turns into a demon. Her hatred of cats is frightening and any cat that comes close enough to her gets the message that it had better move along fast! But when you watch her dipping her paw to retrieve water, she is the cutest little cat you have ever seen. So, I have mixed emotions about what I have just witnessed. I have pride in her obvious intelligence and horror at having probably consumed fouled water in the past. My solution to this problem is to never drink from a glass of water that is left on the counter over night, and to purchase a water fountain so that she can have fresh running water at all times. She also has the swimming pool in the backyard that on occasion she drinks out of, and oh, the toilet bowl if the lid is left open. Thank goodness she is as cute as she is and that her cuteness excuses her when she performs lowly acts of animal behavior. So, my advice is to never judge a cat by it’s cover and to think before you drink!​

2 thoughts on “Think before you Drink! 

  1. Gayle October 23, 2016 / 12:31 am

    That is one smart cat!

    Liked by 1 person

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