Callie and the Scorpion 

The desert is an unforgiving place and the animals and plants that live here have evolved to handle the worst that is thrown at them. Sandstorms and lack of water are an every day experience. When a scorpion happens to make it through our walled in backyard, it is probably searching for water. This is the third scorpion that Calle has confronted, and she knows they are dangerous. Any other insect or creature would be fair game for her, but she reacts very differently with a scorpion. My husband and I were sitting outside having a cup of coffee when Callie let out a primal sound that clearly meant for me to come and help her. I jumped up and raced over to her and she was tapping the scorpion ever so gingerly. I grabbed her and put her in the house while praising her for telling me about it, and Michael picked up a shovel in order to kill it. You can’t have animals in your territory if they can hurt you. It really is pretty amazing that Callie would know that they pack a sting. How does she know that? When she let out the scream, I knew right away that she needed help. She is one of the smartest cats I have ever raised and she communicates with me.When she is hungry, she chews, when she thinks it is time for me to go to bed, she circles me and heads down the hallway. She also taps you ever so gently on the arm when she thinks it is time to get up. That is one form of communication I don’t always appreciate. Callie and I have a remarkable relationship and I was very thankful that she showed me where the scorpion was. I still walk around barefoot indoors and out, and stepping on a scorpion would hurt, so I will do my best to put on a pair of shoes when I escort Callie to the olive trees. In the meantime, I will try to keep a good lookout for scorpions in the sand and can rest in peace that if Callie is by my side, she will alert me to the danger….

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