A Change of Heart

I mentioned in my last post that Callie came across a scorpion and that because I rarely wear shoes and prefer to go barefoot, the thought of stepping on a scorpion some morning at the break of dawn, feels a little disconcerting. I love going barefoot and trying to put a pair of shoes on every time I go outside is going to take some adjustment on my part. But after seeing the scorpion in the sand, I may have a change of heart and force myself to slip my feet into a pair of crocs that I thought were so cool when I bought them, and have never worn since. They have been sitting in my closet collecting dust for years and I have moved them from a beach location to the desert and haven’t worn them even once. Crocs seem to look good on other people’s feet, but with mine, I look like a duck. When I saw the scorpion in the sand, what made my heart skip a beat, was that it blended in so perfectly and that if Callie hadn’t tapped it with her paw, it wouldn’t have whipped it’s tail into a vertical position and I would not have seen it. I am sorry that my husband had to kill it, but if you were me and you looked down at a not so small scorpion lying in the sand with a very threatening tail and stinger on the end, I think your sympathies would lie with me. And on another note, I am not sure I will be eating shrimp or lobster any time soon either! For some reason, seeing the scorpion has turned my appetite away from shellfish because scorpions look just like little lobsters. Has anyone noticed that, or is it just my imagination? I know that in some exotic countries you may see scorpion on the menu and order it deep fried or in a lovely tomato and garlic based sauce and I have also seen scorpions on skewers and children eat them like chicken on a stick. There is nothing wrong with that. But since I for one cannot afford lobster tail very often, I am going to pretend that lobsters are scorpions and scorpions are lobsters. That way I won’t feel deprived about not ordering lobster tail from Maine and scorpions won’t look quite so scary in the sand. Looking at those tails with a stinger on the end the size of a fish hook is something else though. Callie sure knew enough not to mess with it. But scorpion on the menu, it doesn’t sound very appetizing, now does it. So, to get back to my point about a change of heart. I really need to make an effort at putting on a perfectly nice pair of shoes I bought years ago and can make use of now before I step outside and into the sand. The desert creatures don’t always respect boundaries and would not know a private yard if it was pointed out to them, so it may just possibly save me from stepping on a cute little lobster one morning while Callie is blissfully climbing up the olive trees.

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