Follow your Bliss

Nothing will keep Callie from following her bliss. Her beloved olive trees were being whipped and swirled into circular motions but Callie still found a way to climb up her favorite tree.  A beautiful flock of possible Townsend’s Solitaire or some kind of mountain thrush flew in with the storm and landed on the tree, on the ground around the tree and a few took a quick splash in the bird bath. It happened so fast that I was not able to identify them nor take a decent photograph. A big gust of wind sent them careening back out and on to wherever they were going. They appeared to be having a blast and the wind made flying fun and exciting. I had to take the wind chime down and place it at the base of the tree because it was banging so loudly. With other animals, it can be a severe detriment to hunting, scavenging and searching for food. The winds were about 30 mph and most desert wildlife have to seek shelter until the storm blows over. If the storm is powerful enough inland, the dry side of the mountain, which is the desert, will receive rainfall. Today’s storm didn’t produce rain but instead blew sand and leaves and dust everywhere. I have given up on the idea of having a clean and dust free house. Instead, I have tiny litttle sand dunes below all my windows and doors. I have accepted that this is the way it shall be in the desert and I am appreciative that I at least have shelter. I wonder what the coyotes do, and the jackrabbits, quail and roadrunners? It can’t be as easy an acceptance as mine to deal with sand and dust everywhere.  Some storms blow for days and I wonder how they manage to eat and sleep? Anza Borrego State Desert Park is one of the largest State Parks in California.  If you live north and west of Anza Borrego, next time it rains where you live, reflect on what is happening in the desert. The storm has to have a powerful enough punch and clouds need to be heavy with enough moisture to produce rain in the desert. The mountains prevent the storm from traveling to the other side unless winds are strong enough to carry them up and over. Today’s storm was relatively mild compared to some storms and Callie was able to take a few moments to climb her tree and sharpen her claws, face the wind and follow her bliss.


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