That Rascally Roadrunner

Mr Roadrunner is going solo again and making the rounds of our backyard around noon each day. He loves to race back and forth and zig zags across the yard and always makes it a point to check in to see if Callie is eavesdropping on him. If she is sitting by the door and they make eye contact, he zips right up in front of her just like the cartoon character with such fast movements he is a blur of motion. A second before he collides with the screen door he puts on the brakes and rocks back and forth while staring at her intensely. This always takes Callie by surprise and she rears back a bit before leaning forward again so as not to loose too much face. He has the upper hand and he knows it. There is no doubt in my mind, or Callie’s mind for that matter, that he could poke her eyes out and would do so in a flash if she gave him any lip. I hope she isn’t caught outside some day when he is making his rounds and she is challenged to a dual. I believe that Callie would just turn and  run like hell, but he is so fast that he would overtake her with ease. He looks like a descendent of some dinosaur and he is one bad ass dude. Fortunately for today, he found Callie safely inside and paid her a quick visit, gave her the evil eye and then spun around to continue his journey. It is just another peaceful day in Borrego Springs where coyotes make sneaky midnight visits and rascally roadrunners follow with attitude in the full light of day…

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