What goes Up!

In raising Callie, no pun intended, I have had to learn to let her climb, and I mean climb! She can’t walk past a tree, wall, cabinet, chair, roof, you name it, she walks past it, she wants to climb to the top of it. She is a gifted climber too! She has three olive trees in the back yard that seem to call to her to climb every morning. And it is Callie’s preference that I watch her do it and praise her when she reaches the tip top branches of the tree. She frequently flattens out on the sand and wriggles her body and waits for me to make eye contact with her. She will then explode into a wild feline that races upwards until she reaches the top. Callie will then look down on me and wait for the thunderous applause and praise she has come to expect. Some days are for hummingbird sightings but most days are for the shear joy of climbing. When we are experiencing one of the many sand and windstorms in the desert, she finds climbing all the more challenging and rewarding. The branches of the olive tree can be whipping around and she takes pleasure in it. On the days that Callie is house bound, I have a cabinet that holds my husband’s CD collection that is at least 8ft tall. I didn’t think it possible for her to reach the top of it, but one day I found her smugly sitting there and looking down at me with glee. It wasn’t until she had to figure out how to return to the ground that I witnessed her strategy and was quite impressed with her problem solving. She had to climb onto the piano, leap to a lower hutch next to the CD cabinet and then make the final spring up to the top. When she gets to the top there is very little room to spare but she paces back and forth and will sit down and roll her head around like an owl to determine if there is a way to go even higher. When she reaches the ceiling by placing her paw above her head, she gives up and relishes her accomplishment. Getting back down takes a little more courage on her part and it is obviously easier to go up, but what goes up, must eventually come down. Callie can climb head first down a tree where most cats will turn around and slide down rump first and with the CD cabinet, she gracefully leans way out over the edge and then drops down with a thunk. She seems pretty proud of herself when she is finished and will sit back and groom herself and make sure her fur is not left ruffled from the endeavor.  That is why I placed her bed way up high on the TV cabinet in the bedroom. She is a cat that loves to look down on her domain and view her surroundings from up above. There is just a touch of wild and crazy left in Callie and I am thankful she hasn’t figured out the art of pouncing when I walk by.

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