Custom Gift Wrapped

If you had told me five years ago, and after I had put my beloved Jack Russel dog Miss Adelaide down, that I would adopt a stray cat that swept into my life with a loud meow, I would have told you,”NO WAY!” That is because once you have a meaningful relationship with a Jack Russel, no other animal compares. At least, no other animal until the day that Callie came along. She has the temperament of a terrier, but doesn’t need to go outside to use the restroom, and she didn’t pee all over the house while playing with a tennis ball. Adelaide would be pissing away while chasing down a ball when she was a puppy and actually destroyed two household carpets before she could control her bladder and be bothered to go outside to poop and pee. Addy would blatantly look you in the eye, squat down right in front of you and not give a damn what the consequences were.  You don’t ask a Jack Russel to obey, you threaten them within an inch of their life before they will even consider it. Once you dominate them though, and you are a consistently firm, thoughtful and high energy owner, you will have a relationship with a dog like no other. So, this is the mindset I had when Callie ran through the front door. Fortunately, she is also very strong willed and her previous owners who timidly came to me a year later to confess that she had been their cat and was impossible to raise, that the light went on in my head that I am raising a Jack Russel CAT! She is game for most any adventure and even out performs Addy when thunder and lightening strike. Addy would run into my closet and bury herself under the clothes and shake for hours. Callie could care less. Addy loved water though and Callie has shown a serious dislike for it. I can’t teach Callie to jump off the side of the pool after a tennis ball and into the water, but I can watch Callie climb high up into the olive trees. So, it is a give and take relationship where Callie does her best to be a cat that acts like a dog, a cat with “additude,” (that was my pet description for Addy’s courage and spunk.) Where as Addy would prefer to chase a ball over just about any other game, Callie will destroy feather toys, loves being chased down and wrestled with and especially delights in pouncing on wrapping paper and bags. I have had to learn to switch my allegiance to a car, but Callie has also done her best to make raising her just enough of a challenge so that it is also very rewarding. I can’t imagine Callie reaching her full potential and exposing all her special talents with anyone else. The two of us adore each other and it appears that we have a friendship that is custom gift wrapped. I am still considering adopting a Jack Russel though and will teach the dog to destroy wrapping paper while Callie will barrel her way into all the bags. Now that will be a sight to behold!

Miss Adelaide



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