A Need for Green

Anza Borrego State Park and neighboring Borrego Springs is a desert, and living here with Callie and Michael is a unique experience for me. Every once in awhile and because it is so arid in the desert, Callie and I need to feel green under our feet, and so we take a walk over to the De Anza Country Club Golf Course. It is a beautiful golf course built the year I was born in 1955. There are many mature trees and a lush green belt for us to walk along. Callie has a chance to feel grass under her feet and never misses an opportunity to scratch and sharpen her claws on the trunks of trees we happen to walk past. Golfers will look up from their game and ask if that is a cat I am walking on a leash, and I have to agree with them that yes it is. It always comes as a surprise to the golfers and many of them take a moment to walk over to pet her. Callie expects this and is not shy about their approach and relishes the attention by frequently rolling over for a belly rub. A need for green becomes a social outing and questions are asked and questions are answered, and Callie takes it all in with her usual calm and love for people. Today a woman golfer walked over to stroke Callie’s beautiful fur and she said she was still grieving after a year and a half after having put her 17 year old cat down.  Petting Callie for a few moments seemed to revive her and off she went to continue her game with a renewed sense of appreciation for the beautiful day. Rain is a possibility tomorrow and maybe Southern California will get some much needed rain. There are clouds building in the sky but no wind. We usually get wind if the storm is powerful enough to cross over the barricade of mountains. Only time will tell….so a short stroll along the golf course was a refreshingly green outing, and Callie got a little exercise and worked up an appetite and after a bite to eat, can now take a nice long nap.

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