Want To Go For A Ride?

Most people that have a dog know that dogs love to go on car rides and hang their heads out the window and take in the sights, sounds and intoxicating smells that wiz past them effortlessly. The wind blowing through their fur and the smells rushing by are heaven to a dog. Well Callie loves it too, and if you don’t go too fast, she hangs out the window as far as I will allow her. I have her harness and leash attached and hold on to one back leg for good measure because she would love to hang out of the window even farther. She closes her eyes and inhales the lovely scents of the desert and relishes the sunshine and breeze blowing past her. There are few cars on the road and we can go slowly and let her enjoy herself without feeling rushed. It is a treat for all three of us and if I ask her if she wants to go for a car ride, she jumps up on the table to be snapped into her harness and off we go. People get a kick out of seeing a cat hanging out the window and Callie gets a kick out of them too. It is a lovely way to spend an afternoon.



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