Holiday Pet Hotel

Guess who will be checking into Holiday Pet Hotel in Encinitas, California, You guessed right…. CALLIE

I am pretty sure that most cats don’t like to go to a kennel but in Callie’s case, she loves people so much that I think it is a better solution than having her stay by herself and asking someone to feed her. She likes to be entertained and spoiled and having someone stay at the house would be in for a rude awakening when she politely asks for a serving of her frozen kibble in the middle of the night. I explained this phenomenon in an earlier post called: Please Pass the Frozen Kibble. I will have a 30 minute playtime scheduled every day and her favorite food, Science Diet Oral Care will be provided and Callie can learn to tolerate other cats from a safe distance. 

The wonderful staff at Holiday Pet Hotel are to be congratulated on work well done. You don’t see dogs being dragged into the front office. They drag their owners by the leash and the happy barking of dogs attending day care makes you smile. Maybe I could ask them to board Callie with the dogs!? Now, that would be an interesting twist. Callie loves dogs but I am afraid most dogs would love to chase her.

We will return in 2 weeks to update you on her stay. I will ask the staff to take photographs of her playing if they have the time and then I will share them with my readers…

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