Left in Good Hands

Taking Callie to Holiday Pet Hotel is never an easy choice, but it is a sensible one. She is such a major part of our lives now because our daughter Lara is all grown up and living on her own. When Callie came along 5 years ago, she quickly took center stage. Her ability to charm her way into most relationships makes it easier for me to drop her off. She loves people and to engage with them and leaving her home alone would not do. Usually we take her with us if we are going on a road trip because she is such a good traveling companion, but going to Maui requires special permits which we do not have. Callie enjoys riding in the car and we headed up and over Montezuma Grade and to the coast in the afternoon. It is always a shock to leave the arid desert and find ourselves in the lush and mild climate of San Diego. We lived in Encinitas for almost 2 years before we moved to Borrego Springs a year and a half ago. I think Callie recognized where she was going about the time she could smell the ocean and she could hear all the dogs barking joyously. These dogs sound delirious with happy excitement and it is much different then when you go to the humane society or most boarding facilities for that matter.  Holiday Pet Hotel provides doggy day care and it sure sounds like these dogs are having the time of their lives! Do they run and hide when the owners come to pick them up I wonder? Callie was sitting on my lap and hanging out the car window when we arrived and I had to walk her to the back and put her in her carrier in order to take her to the front desk. She didn’t put up a fight this time and it was easier on me too. The first time I dropped her off she turned her back on me and was too frightened to look around. You could tell she was nervous and anxious and not very happy. This time she was curious and accepting of her fate. She has been here twice before and it is a familiar routine.The girls at the front desk are wonderful and they know Callie by now and that is such a comfort to me.It is up to Callie to have a good time. I hope someone takes a few photographs of her playing during her VIP sessions, (very important pet) so that we can all experience how she is doing. I don’t think it is as easy for cats to be boarded as it is for dogs, but Holiday Pet Hotel has a lovely sitting area with toys in the center of the room so that all the caged cats can watch while others play. The cages are double and triple decker and there are windows to look out of and music is playing softly in the background. It will be up to the staff to take a photo or two, but I am confident that she has been left in good hands and I can now enjoy my time in beautiful Maui. 

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