A Cat Has Nine Lives

I often hear how important it is to live in the moment, to be here and now, stay mindful and be, “present.” Those are wise words to try to live by, and what I have surmised throughout my own life, is that the past continues to haunt you if you don’t learn from it. You are destined to repeat your mistakes until you figure out what the lesson is in order to move to the next step. I have had a difficult time with the lessons of my past and I had better get my act together so that I can enjoy the present and have a future. Writing about Callie and myself may give me pause to reflect and help me to understand the past so that I can live more effectively in the present. With Callie and most animals, any given situation may be a life or death scenario, and that if you don’t learn quickly, you may not survive. Living in the desert, which still has an element of wildness to it, not learning the lesson could be fatal. Domestication has improved Callie’s life as far as food and shelter goes, but she can’t run around free in the desert because of all the predators. Callie has had to learn about roadrunners and scorpions and storms that blow sand and dust devils day and night. I have lost most of my wildness too, and now that I am getting older, it is amazing to me that I have survived to middle age. All the accidents I have had would have been a death sentence for most animals. I would probably not have survived past my 8th year which is young for a human being. Callie ran away from her first family and adopted me when she was 3 years old. She was dirty, tired and very stressed out when I found her meowing loudly by my front door. Fortunately she survived her ordeal and was able to start another life with me. She is always putting herself into dangerous situations that make for good and entertaining stories, and most of you have heard the saying that cats have nine lives. Well, I look back on my past and the five years I have shared with Callie and all the crazy things that Callie has done, and that I have done for that matter, and I am convinced that I was a cat in another life! No wonder Callie and I are such wonderful soulmates. We are both on at least life #7…

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