Palm Springs and hike to Palm Canyon

It has been almost a year since we packed our bags and with Callie in tow, headed to Palm Springs because our house in Borrego Springs was in the middle of a renovation and consequently not habitable. We found a really good deal at the Aloha Hotel, a historic hotel with old school charm on South Palm Canyon Drive. We convinced our good friend, Fred, to join us and made quite an adventure of it. Palm Springs is buzzing with activity in the winter and we wanted to get away from the crowds, so one morning we took a day hike to Palm Canyon. This canyon has experienced massive flash floods and fires periodically and when you are out on the trail, you can’t believe that you are 15 minutes from the city. Palm Canyon feels and looks ancient and you are left in awe at how such a small water source can provide life sustaining sustenance for so many plants and animals.  The native fan palms are a perfect example of a plant that can survive in the harsh climate of the desert and yet are so majestic and grow to such tall heights that can shelter a variety of animals. The Palm Canyon trail is not strenuous and on this day because of the clouds and filtered light, it was a photographer’s dream. The day that we ventured out, our daughter Lara joined us and we had such a good time walking at a leisurely pace and enjoying the great outdoors and nature. The temperature was crisp and cool but sunny and bright and by the time I completed the hike, I was warm enough to take off my sweatshirt. This is perfect weather for hiking. Callie did not go with us but she did get to hang out by the pool with me and soak up some sunshine and was a respected guest at the hotel. Not all hotels allow cats and because we felt she was so welcome, it was a refreshing and peaceful getaway for the entire family…

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