Down a Country Road

Callie loves nothing better than to go on a car ride and hang her head out the window. As long as you don’t drive too fast, she is able to take in the sights, smells and sounds of the great outdoors and derives so much pleasure from it. You can watch her surprise and delight in a world way beyond her daily scope and it is fun for Michael and me too. I always put her harness on because there have been times when she is hanging out so far that she could easily fall out if I wasn’t holding on to her. Her ears get in the way of enjoying fast speeds because they are shaped like small satellite dishes and all the wind funnels right down into them. This causes Callie to shake her head a lot if we go too fast, so we try to take her out to country roads where we can keep the speed down to 25 miles an hour. One day while driving to the coast, we spotted a herd of young cattle that expressed an interest in meeting Callie. As soon as we slowed down and parked the car, they ambled over to investigate this new little creature they had probably never seen before. They showed no interest in Michael or me, but locked eyes with Callie and Callie with them and you could see that there was chemistry between them. Cattle and especially milking cows and horses are well known for buddying up to barn cats and cats seem to love them in return. There are many stories of friendships between the two. Callie would have marched right over to them and touched noses if we had let her, and in retrospect, I wish we had let her. The cattle were living the good life, at least for now, and taking pleasure in being out in a huge pasture and eating grass to their hearts content. This is how bovines should be raised, with lots of grass, space and sunshine. I rarely eat meat anymore because I am trying to do my part in combating climate change and the thought of eating one of these beautiful creatures, is unsettling. Cattle place a huge burden on the environment with the methane gas they expell, but to see this herd enjoying the moment and the beautiful day unfolding was a pleasure to behold. It was a good day for a drive in the country, and even a better day for Callie to meet moo!

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