Napili Point-Maui

It will be two weeks tomorrow since we dropped Callie off at Holiday Pet Hotel. It is never easy for me to have her boarded, but there comes a time when I have to go to Maui and Callie would not fit in well here. There is a fairly busy road in front of the condo and the birds that hang out in the front lanai would drive her crazy. So, I get a well deserved break from her and Callie from me. Holiday Pet Hotel is a fabulous facility though, and I recommend it highly to anyone living in the San Diego area that needs to board their pet. 

Napili Point is on the north side of Maui and the complex looks out at Molokai and to the west. Napili is much like Encinitas, California in that it is a sleepy little town that boarders on funky. Napili Point is magical and our condo sits a little away from the ocean but has privacy and a feeling that you are separate from the tourists. This morning we watched the moon set over the water before the sun rose and it was a beautiful sight to behold. 

The flowers in the tropics are like no other and the Red Crested Cardinal, a cheeky little bird, would fly over to beg for tidbits. Maui is renowned for it’s rainbows and I have seen several on this trip alone. We had record rainfall and Maui needs rain just like California. I haven’t minded the rain at all because of living in the desert. How fortunate I am to have two such extreme locations to visit and live in.

We return to Anza Borrego on Friday and I am very excited to see Callie again. Holiday Pet Hotel says she is doing fine and they enjoy her visits with them. I am sure that Callie is making the best of her situation, developing friendships and being a happy, cheerful cat. That is just who Callie is…

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