Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain…

Anza Borrego has received more than an inch of rain in the past few days. This is extraordinary for the desert. It has been a steady downpour at times and a light drizzle at other times. This is perfect for the sand to absorb the rainfall and not cause flash flooding. Everything is soaked and I can’t wait to see what the ocotillo will do right around Christmas time. Strong winds are expected the day before Christmas and this will blow all the clouds away and Christmas Day will be saturated with golden sunshine. Maybe the ocotillo will bloom and fill the desert with bright orange/red blossoms. That will be a sight to behold.

But poor Callie is getting very bored and restless. She has been so good about comforting Michael and Michael is doing much better, but it is time for an adventure again. Hanging out in the house is getting old for her. Fortunately Callie will follow me and I am able to walk her around the backyard before the rain starts again. Looking out across the desert, you can barely see the foothills that always glow so pink and golden at sunrise. There are no birds singing and it is very quiet outside except for the sound of rain drops falling. A low lying mist is hugging the foothills all the way to the desert floor and it feels odd to have so much dampness in what is usually such an arid region. The smell of wood burning in fireplaces permeates the air and rain water has collected on all the leaves and darkened the bark of the olive trees. Puddles have formed everywhere and they cast lovely images of light and shadow.  Everything is saturated and Callie cant’t even climb her trees because they are so wet.

And just when I thought I had Callie figured out, and that I would be sleeping with her from now on, she has returned to her bed high up on the hutch in the master bedroom. She has been sleeping close to me and hogging my pillow the past week and I thought the best approach is to be generous and share the bed with her. Two nights ago, she jumped back up on her own bed and has been once again using it during her daytime naps. I am thinking that she felt really insecure when she first got home after having been boarded and needed a little more reassurance. She is back to her secure self again and taking long naps and she isn’t walking around the house meowing loudly. It feels good to know that she has returned to normal.

It is dark and cloudy out today and more rain is expected tonight. There was just enough of a break in the weather that I was able to invite Callie out for a roll in the sand. Another big storm is heading our way tonight. Anza Borrego and California need the rain… So I say, let it rain, let it rain, let it rain! Callie will be going with us to Las Vegas for New Year’s Eve! She can be patient with the weather just a little bit longer.

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