Tis’ the day before Christmas…

We have had one storm after another in Anza Borrego and it feels so appropriate for Winter Solstice. The temperature has dropped down into the high 30’s at night and we have had considerable rainfall. Trying to keep Callie entertained has become a little challenging but Lara, my daughter arrives today and the sun is suppose to return to the desert tomorrow. I love storms and these past few days have been impressive. I have managed to sneak Callie out into the backyard and up the olive trees in between showers. It is fresh and brisk out and Callie has needed a warm bed to take naps on and to sleep in at night. She has once again adapted to the situation and by placing her Kong housebed on the piano, she has a nice place to sleep and keep an eye on the festivities.  I am not a traditionalist and will be serving spaghetti and salad for dinner tonight. I have created my own tradition of not doing any one thing every year. Last year we were on an Alaska Airline plane back to San Diego from Maui. Our house was under renovation and uninhabitable. It wasn’t that far along when we returned after 3 weeks of being away. It was still uninhabitable but we managed. I am especially appreciative that this year I have a warm and dry house that is providing my family with shelter from the storm. Merry Christmas to all who read this blog. May 2017 be filled with peace and joy, health and wisdom. We are heading to Las Vegas for the new year and Callie will be tagging along. I can’t wait to write about her adventures in Vegas!

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