Day 3 – 1/16 There is a lot to learn..

What a day! We had a lovely continental breakfast at La Quinta Hotel and Vivian picked us up at 9am sharp. She pulled up in a gorgeous, sleek, black, Mercedes van and drove us to Bankston RV to check out our new/used RV. It did not disappoint us! Actually, the experience was better than we expected. We met Mr Bankston, who is still working long after he could retire, but only because he loves what he does. Vivian has been top sales rep for over 5 years and I can see why. She has an answer for every question asked and is easy to be around. We ended up shooting a video for UTube and Facebook because we were so appreciative and wanted to give back to the company. We met a lovely woman, Tanya who was responsible for that end of sales and advertisement and really hit it off with her. The whole experience was very positive for us. We spent the whole morning there and felt very comfortable when we drove the RV off the lot. But before we headed out, a gentleman by the name of Mike introduced himself and  was responsible for showing us around the RV and taught us all that we needed to know. We left feeling well prepared and headed for the U.S. Space & Rocket Center RV Park, but only after we went to Target to pick up groceries and bedding and managed to do that and still get along. When we got to the RV park and checked into our spot we had to figure out how to hook up power, level the RV, make sure refrigeration was doing its job, put all the groceries away and make up the bed. What a day…Of course, we forgot everything we were taught but managed to pull it off somehow!  We then ran over to the Space Museum to check it out before it closed at 5. We are going back again tomorrow. We are now tucked safely into the RV for the night after running over to the showers and cleaning up before bedtime. I am exhausted and happy that today went so well…. there was a lot to learn!

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