Day 4-U.S. Space & Rocket Center 

Huntsville, Alabama is also known as Rocket City. This official NASA Visitor Center is a must see if you are visiting Huntsville. We had no idea when we decided to check out the used RV that we would have the added bonus of this incredible museum. Michael is actually returning for the 3rd time because we had a leaky valve in a back tire and had to have it fixed today. There won’t be time to hit the road today, so we are spending one more night at the RV Park next door. You can actually walk over to the museum from where we are parked.

Everyone is so friendly here. I am very fond of “ya all take care now,” it sounds so beautiful to me here in the south. They don’t understand me very well and politely ask to hear it again, and I sure have to ask everyone to repeat themselves too. I am very impressed with the manners and overall attitude everyone has for strangers. Even in Kelly’s Tire Center, the employees went beyond what was necessary.

I am posting quite a lot of photographs of the museum. The scale of the space shuttle and Saturn V are so large that it was hard to get decent photographs. I spent 3 hours there and it was quite enough for me because I felt brain dead from all the scientific brilliance on display.

It is raining hard right now and I am in the RV and it is cozy and comfortable, and  it is the perfect environment for writing and reading. I feel very fortunate. I hope Miss Callie is doing OK and making the best of her situation. This RV setup will be so much fun for her once we get on the road with her. It was necessary for us to check the RV out to make sure it would be acceptable for her majesty. I think she will enjoy it very much. She will be able to rest on the back of the sofa and peer out the window. Not sure how the hell she is going to sleep with us in the bed above the driver’s seat. It is pretty small and when I roll over, my nose is practically hitting the ceiling. She would have no where to go if I rolled over on top of her. I will let her decide what is best.

Heading towards New Oreleans early tomorrow morning. I am very excited about that! We are hoping to stay at Pelican Ridge RV Park. Will call in the morning for availability….

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