Day 5- New Orleans

Michael and I got up at the crack of dawn, and after sipping coffee and tea by candlelight, we headed south to New  Orleans. Passing through Birmingham, the flash point to the civil rights era, we solemnly looked out the window and wondered why people treat each other the way they do. So far, the south has been a wonderful place to visit and I can’t imagine New Orleans doing anything but excite us.

I drove a little over half the way to New Orleans and the RV was easy to maneuver. I had to pass truck after truck hauling super wide loads of mobile homes, and that was quite the experience. They rule the road and drive at an excess of 70 mph. If you don’t pass them by and stay ahead of them, they will pass you right up again in a flash. That was a little nerve wracking because they whip around and careen from left to right. I chose to go as fast as I could in order to stay in front of them. This put me at risk of getting a speeding ticket, so I was relieved when I didn’t.

We arrived in New Orleans and at Jude Trailer Park at 2:30 and Marla, the owner, showed us to our #12 spot about half way down the lane. It is basically a parking lot but the bathrooms are adorable, clean and she had quite the story to tell. Her godfather passed the business on to her and after having married and divorced, she and her husband, Kevin got back together again, and they love what they do running the RV park. She has adopted 12 feral cats that she fixed and are allowed to live on the property and greet the guests if they are so inclined. The cats range from beautiful to very beautiful. She has Christmas lights wrapped around railings and New Orleans is preparing for Mardi Gras which starts in February. I am happy we are visiting before all the festivities begin because it sounds just a little too intense for me. 

After settling into our spot and attempting to hook up the water; which we couldn’t figure out because all the valves were open and the water would pour right back out, we quit what we were doing to get ready to go out on the town. I didn’t have time to dress fancy, but I did attempt to brush my hair and put on clean clothes. Camping has it’s own etiquette and I don’t have to look my best!…Marla drove us over to the French Quarter at 5 o’clock and we were quickly enthralled with all the restaurants and music pouring out of the shops and the overall craziness of the place. There is nothing like New Orleans and Disneyland does not do it justice:)… the aroma of beignets, a French doughnut, mixed with Creole- Italian-seafood of every kind, tobacco, and just about every imaginable scent permeates the air and the town pulses with rhythm. They have carriages hauled by mules and I was impressed with how well taken care of they looked.  We had dinner at Adolfo’s Creole- Italian and Seafood Cusine, and shared eggplant parmigiana as an appetizer and flounder for the main course. I had a glass of Chardonnay and Michael had a glass of Dixie beer. Dixie Beer had to move after Katrina and is no longer housed in New Orleans. Afterwards we ran over to Cafe’ Du Monde to pick up beignets for breakfast in the morning. Last but not least we listened to blues being played soulfully before Marla’s husband picked us up to take us back to our RV.

Alas, I did not write about my experience until this morning. I am having coffee and waiting for Michael to stir so that I can feast on my French doughnut! It has been an intense week and he is sleeping in. Good for him. We have had a fantastic time. It is stressful but very exciting. Today we are going to search out a plantation to see the stark contrast of the owners lifstyle to that of the slaves.

2 thoughts on “Day 5- New Orleans

  1. randombitsoftrialanderror January 19, 2017 / 2:41 pm

    Oh, I love, love, love New Orleans! If you get a chance, try breakfast or lunch at the Old Coffee Pot in the French Quarter. The waitresses are known for their grumpiness, but they remember us every visit (not as grumpy as they seem). If you love good jazz and/or blues, Fritzel’s is amazing in the evenings. I hope you find a plantation to visit–something we haven’t been able to do, yet. Have the best of times in a city that is magical and unique in only the way New Orleans can be. I can’t wait for your next installment! Dawn

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    • sevenfauesisters January 19, 2017 / 4:15 pm

      Thank you for he suggestion. We are doing the swamp tour today as well as a plantation tour, maybe the WWII Museum and on and on.. considering extending our visit one more night.

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