Day 7  Good Bye New Orleans, Hello New Mexico

I am really tired after a long two days of travel in extreme weather but would like to post a paragraph or two before I pass out on my pillow…

Michael and I checked out of Jude Park in New Orleans around 11 am and headed over to the Cajun Pride Swamp Tour for a noon boat ride and it was not a disappointment. Our guide was fabulous and his Cajun accent so strong, Michael kept looking over at me for an interpretation. He was also enthusiastic and knowledgeable and it was obvious from the beginning that he loved his heritage and wanted others to appreciate it too. It was an hour and a half tour and we saw turtles, alligators, an osprey, Cajun cabin, and cemetery that dates back to 1915. One Eyed Jack, an alligator protected the cemetery and was a favorite of the guide. He had been through many fights and had the scars to prove it. Our guide passed around an 18 month old alligator for those that wanted to see a baby up close and personal and he was full of interesting history about the swamps. It was well worth it. We ran out of time but managed to drop by San Francisco Plantatiom before heading to San Antonio, Texas In extreme weather conditions most of the way.

We managed to pull into a long haul truck stop around 11pm and tucked the RV in amongst 20 or more trucks. I could hear them coming and going all night and developed an appreciation for this under appreciated class of hard working people. In the morning, most were gone.

We left San Antonio with me driving for 200 hundred miles before Michael took over because of 60 mph gusts of wind and snow and hail. It was scary but we managed to get to Las Cruces, New Mexico around 5:00. We did traveled well over 640 miles.

Found a fabulous RV park called: Dalmond’s and Shirley escorted us to our spot next to her in the park. She has two adorable dogs, Baby and  Xenia and pink plastic flamingos on her front porch that I will need to take photographs of in the morning. 

I will post photos of park in the morning. It is 45 degrees out and very cold and windy. Good night to all… we are safe and sound.    

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