Callie has Opinions 1/27

We picked Callie up Tuesday morning and I had a good laugh with Carol who works in the cat section of Holiday Pet Hotel. She told me things about Callie that only someone who has spent time with her would know. For instance, Callie loves to have her tummy rubbed and will flop over so that you have good access to her white underbelly, but you have to pet her a certain way. You cannot talk and pet her at the same time, and you definitely can’t become distracted while petting her. She picks up on it right away and will get up in a huff and walk out on you or even bite you gently if she thinks you aren’t doing a proper job of it. She has strong opinions and will let you know what she thinks, and whether she likes it or not. She also likes to groom you in return, and will give you a facial with her rough tongue if you are so inclined. Callie loves to be held and will purr loudly and chirps and let’s out little throat noices that are unique to only her. She really expresses herself quite clearly and if you are at all in tune to animals, you will understand her needs.

It felt really good to have her back in our lives again. The whole reason for picking up the RV is to take it out camping with Callie. She loves adventure and driving in the car and I am hoping the RV will be exciting and fun for all of us…. can’t wait for our first adventure…..

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