Test Drive 1/27/17

Yesterday late afternoon we scooped Callie up from her nap to test drive the RV. It was a lovely day in Borrego Springs with temperatures reaching up to the high 60’s and the sun still low in the sky, turning the Santa Rosa mountains a beautiful shade of purple. The shadows were long and deep and the desert is at its best after many days of torrential rain. You can almost sense the relief of the red ocotillo and sage, and all the plants that will be able to germinate and grow in the spring because of the rain. We headed over to Christmas Circle and then on to Club Circle at about 35 mph. Borrego Springs is a tiny desert community and there are no stop lights and very few stop signs. Most are yield signs and you have to be extremely vigilant when entering an intersection because where there are few accidents that do happen out here, many prove to be fatal. People get a sense of complacency because there are so few cars out on the road. But having said all that, driving around at 35 mph is the perfect speed for Callie so that she can hang out the window and not have the wind blow too hard in her face, and in her ears. Her curiosity is endless and it is so much fun to watch her take in the world and all that it has to offer. She can’t get enough of it. The RV handled really well and Callie was able to walk around and explore inside the RV while we were driving. She still preferred my lap though, and loves to stand up and hang her head out the window. This was our test drive in anticipation of many adventures soon to come. It was a big success!

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