A Purrfect Day

You can’t get better weather than this…It is 73 degrees out with just a slight breeze in the air, and I am listening to Anna’s Hummingbirds competing for best dive bomb, with that lovely squeak at the end of the dive. The male hummingbird flies straight up into the air, and when it reaches the top of the ascent, it tucks in its wings, turning upside down and plummets straight down, head first.  At the end of the descent and as it arches back up, it is believed that the wing has a hollow opening that emits a bell like chirp, almost like a flute being whistled. The males perform this ritual to attract a mate. Callie and I are sitting outside on the back patio appreciating all that nature has to offer. She has long resisted the urge to hunt birds because I have yelled at her so much. Now she blinks quietly and enjoys the spectacle in a very relaxed trance, just like me.

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