DMV Registration 

Today we have driven over to Indio, California to register the Icon, Class C -RV. Michael won’t be able to finish the job because we don’t have title yet, but we are getting the process in motion. We decided to take Callie along for a trial run and she is enjoying herself very much. It is a beautiful day and there isn’t a cloud in the sky and the temperature is 67 with a high today of 73. Great weather for driving an RV!

The litter box fits perfectly in the shower and I couldn’t ask for a better place for it. Callie took to it right away and it is secure  and won’t move around while travelling. She has already explored areas that I wouldn’t have noticed, such as above the cabinets and behind the sofa. I will have to be vigilant when it comes to keeping  her safe. She squeezes into difficult spaces and I may have trouble forcing her out if she doesn’t want to come out. A spray bottle of water should do the job!

We hope to hit the road in the next couple weeks. Wonder which direction we will head out to?

After we were finished with the DMV we went to La Quinta for lunch at our favorite Japanese restaurant across from Trader Joe’s, went shopping at Trader Joe’s and finished with Costco. Callie was a jewel the whole time….

She was so tired when we got home, that she put herself to bed…. too funny!

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