A Cat in a Basket

Callie has been wiped out after our excursion a couple days ago to Indio where we registered the RV. That night when we got home, she put herself to bed early and has been sleeping a lot ever since. It is so exciting for her in the RV, with so much to do and so many things happening at once. She is going to have a blast once we hit the road. 

Today, in anticipation of traveling, we decided to get the garage and house in order and spent all morning cleaning. Michael is running a car load of stuff over to Frugal Coyote which is our local thrift store that benefits the children of Borrego Springs.

I am finally sitting down to rest and Callie hopped up and into her favorite, red, basket! I use to put fruits and vegetables in it, but Callie now calls it her own. I have fun twirling her and spinning the basket in a circle. She loves to get dizzy….

Tomorrow I may start cleaning the inside of the RV. Spring must be in the air!

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