A Protest of Trump in Borrego Springs, California

I can’t believe it! Trump protesters in the teeny tiny town of Borrego Springs, California!!! Why should that surprise me? There are people here who value clean water and our environment. They understand that Trump is a disaster and I am so proud to see them protesting around our famous community park, Christmas Circle. Christmas Circle is a round-about and park centered in the middle of town and is home to art shows, old car exhibits, motorcycle and RV clubs, and is the community hub of most public events in Borrego Springs. When you are finished protesting or looking at art work, you can walk over to Carlee’s, an old time bar and restaurant. People care about our fragile desert State Park- Anza Borrego and our environment and health care. The Latino community do most of the hard labor around here cultivating the grapefruits and oranges and tending to the yards and houses of retired residents. Thank you protesters for coming out and protesting Donald Trump. America deserves better!

And anyone who is offended by this post can choose not to follow me anymore. I do understand how political this is…I have  tried not to interject my spiritual or political views into my stories, but these are special circumstances and demand an honest and open dialogue.  

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