Best Buds

Callie and I are sitting outside enjoying the mild storm that is blowing over the desert. It is 71 degrees out even if it is cloudy and the wind is picking up just a little. The morning was so spectacular because of the pink rainbow, but this afternoon has its own beauty too! We received light rain and I have noticed flower photos being posted on the Anza Borrego Desert State Park website. When the spring arrives, it is going to be incredible. We can’t have a frost before the flowers open, but I am hoping for the best. 

When sitting outside, I have to keep an eye on Callie because coyotes can jump the fence and into the backyard and Callie can jump the fence out of the yard. In the year and a half that we have lived here, I have been able to keep Callie safe from predators. She is one of the best behaved cats I have ever raised and will lie down and stay if I tell her to. She is 9 years old and use to be able to run free when we lived at the beach. I am impressed with her for minding me and because of it, staying safe! When we travel in the RV, I will be taking her for walks with the leash and harness. Not all cats would put up with these restraints. But because we are best buds, she does…. 

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