This Better Be Worth It!

I am a morning person and Callie and Michael like to sleep in a little later than me. But this morning I woke up to the most spectacular pink rainbow forming behind the house, and I just had to race back in and wake up the rest of the gang. Michael was a good sport about it and jumped out of bed muttering to himself that, “this better be worth it,” and threw on a pair of jeans and followed me outside. Of course a few minutes later we could hear Callie bawling her head off inside the house,and wondering why she hadn’t been invited outside too!  I don’t usually let her out until the sun has completely risen in the sky because of all the predators in the desert waiting to feast on domestic cat. But I decided to let Callie out with the specific instructions for Michael to keep a close eye on her while I did photography. I must say that I have never seen a pink rainbow before. Have any of you? The lighting was so soft and diffused and with just the slightest drizzle in the air. I ran out in my socks and pajamas and they got soaked because I didn’t know that it had rained during the night. Everything was fresh and clean and the desert is so quiet in the early morning. Callie raced around in animated glee at the exciting change of events and watching me run around made her very excited too! I ran back and forth along the back wall trying to capture the entire rainbow in one photo. It was too large and I have gotten spoiled and lazy with my iPhone camera while my Nikon is sitting in the closet. I love the simplicity of taking photographs and instantly uploading them to the Internet. I promise when I start the RV adventure, I will start using my Nikon and wide angle lens. The wide angle would have captured the entire rainbow. It would have also appeared much farther away. So Callie was having a blast while she ran up her beloved olive tree and demanded to be chased and in return; chase me. The foothills glowed molten and the pink rainbow became a double rainbow.  Nature is just so amazing. I couldn’t make something like this up! I hope it was worth it to Michael and Callie… I would like to think that it was!

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