Not Filing For Divorce Yet! 

We arrived in style at 2:00 pm to Borrego Palm Canyon RV Park. Michael and I have full hook up and Fred opted for using his generator. Both RV’s are parked and we have settled into our spots. So far so good.  None of us are cursing each other or filing for divorce! I have already taken Callie out for a short walk and we visited Fred in his Mini Winnie. For now, Callie and I are hanging out in the RV for some qirl time with the air conditioning on and Bob Dylan’s, Blood on the Tracks playing in the background. Such luxury…  I can write and load up photographs and I am thrilled with our first day’s effort. Fred did really well for his first time. Michael and I are already old hands at it, having crossed the States from Alabama, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona to California. You have to know what you are doing and it can be confusing in the very beginning. The first week of owning an RV will bring about at least one good scratch on the exterior. And as for Fred, I bet he never locks himself out of the RV again. You learn hard lessons at first and then I suppose if you persevere, the rewards will improve and the stress levels go down.! I never gave it much thought when I watched middle aged and elderly people ambling down the road in their RV’s. It isn’t rocket science but you have to be on top of your game to pull it off. So three cheers and a hip hip hooray!!!! Fred, Michael, Callie and I did great…..❤👍 *an after thought 

*Last night we finished off the evening listening to Pink Floyd’s -The Wall and it brought back a flood of memories of my wild and crazy youth. When was the last time any of you looked at the lyrics.? This was a rock opera long before its time! We heard coyotes all night, Callie did the demonic chew and struggled to stay warm, hence- I did not get any sleep, the RV was more than comfortable though. Campground is beautifully maintained and bathrooms exquisitely clean!

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