Borrego Palm Canyon

What a beautiful morning! We have set up camp at Borrego Palm Canyon and dawn couldn’t come soon enough…. Callie did the demonic chew and needed a lot of reassurance last night. The demonic chew is when she wakes you up from a deep sleep to chew in your face to show you that she is hungry. Getting to the ground floor from the top bunk is a little challenging when you are half asleep and it is dark out. You have to crawl up and down a ladder. Michael and I giggled and laughed at the vision of IF and HOW Callie was going to be able to navigate the jump back up to the bed, but I shouldn’t have doubted her. About 45 minutes later, just as we were dosing off at 3 am, wham, thunk, scrape, claw and chirp… Callie returned with a very happy, “I’m back!” Poor Michael did not get much sleep and I did not get any. I feel happy and excited about the day though and already took Callie for a walk. Michael is sleeping in and I had to turn Fred away to let Michael catch up on his rest. He is not a morning person. The desert is at its best at dawn though. Birds are chirping and wild bees are buzzing. We heard coyotes all night. A pack of at least 11 with many pups yipping and yapping enthusiastically started right at sun down. They seem so joyous and what with the full moon and ample rainfall, they probably are having the best time of the season. A good reason to enjoy the day. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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