Agua Caliente

After a picturesque drive through Pine Valley, we headed east on Interstate 8 toward Ocotillo Wells and to our final destination of Agua Caliente. We were able to get adjoining campsites facing east and have had a fabulous time. The campgrounds are very clean and the bathrooms heated and super clean and spacious. There are 3 swimming pools with the hottest one at 105 degrees all the way down to 80 degrees. Michael and Fred took a morning hike to Marsh Trail and we swam for several hours in the heated pools during the afternoon. What a treat! I have not showered since the start of the trip and it felt good to soak in the mineral water. I am surprised at myself for so quickly adapting to camping grunge and funk. At home I shave my legs every day and while camping I haven’t once. My legs aren’t as hairy as they were in my youth. Chalk that up as a bonus point while getting older. Hair grows where you didn’t have it before and stops growing where you did. The aging process is a trip and it is best appreciated rather than fought. You really don’t have a choice in the matter. I find it refreshing to not mind worrying about my looks and am still a lot younger than most of the people camping here. Health is much more important than appearance. The Staff are super friendly and helpful and we met many nice people. One man in particular had a beautiful sheltie dog named Darcy who reminded me of my first dog with Michael named Prudence. Darcy is 3 years old and wanted so badly to play with Callie. She kept bowing down and leaping up to invite Callie to do the same. Callie sat in Michael’s lap and just watched Darcy in a bored and destained fashion. She likes dogs but Darcy was too immature for her liking. It was so funny to watch. We enjoyed happy hour both nights and it was great to stay for 2 nights instead of just the one. We all slept well and enjoyed the sunrise both mornings. Thursday morning was the best of the 2 sunrises but they were both spectacular. It is Friday morning and we are packing up and heading for Borrego Springs today. A storm is predicted and Fred has a damaged roof vent that needs to be repaired. We have a check engine light that came on 2 days ago and the RV will have to be serviced. Callie is doing really well and has adjusted nicely. She pops up and down to the top bunk in style now and I think she is really enjoying herself. I love it and feel very grateful that it has worked out the way it has. Fred and Michael are childhood friends and get along so well and Callie and I are best buds too. There has been no phone or internet service for us at the park and it is refreshing to not hear the news and watch TV. I am appreciative of the time to write while Fred and Michael organize the outside packing and I am responsible for the inside. It is getting easier for all of us and I can see the fun we are going to have in the near future. This was our trial run and it was a big success.

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