I woke up to the most beautiful and vivid dream this morning. It is the first morning after having set up camp at Agua Caliente County RV Park and in my dream I was cranking a rotor blade that was on top of a box that was similar to a toy I had as a child. A simple blade that you twist with a rubber band and when released it soars up into the air before falling back down to the ground. The toy I had as a child did not have a box attached to it though, just a simple blade that you twist. The blade is like a single helicopter blade that goes round and round and will create lift when it is allowed to spin. When I released the blade, the box soared up into the sky and I clearly understood that all of my negative energy was stored in that box and that it would be released when the box lifted skyward. I felt a surge of euphoria as I watched the toy rise. I then turned my attention to Callie because she started to run away in a joyful bounce across a meadow filled with flowers. I watched her leap and cavort and took pleasure in seeing her happy gait as she ran across the beautiful field. When I started to chase after her, I noticed someone to my right watching the two of us run and I felt joy and happiness and love for the moment. I understood that Callie wasn’t running away from me, but only running for the shear pleasure of it. When I woke up, I reflected on the dream and knew that my dream was about the RV experience I was having with Michael, Fred and Callie. Fred joined us soon after and I shared the dream with him too. There was something special about the morning and we all felt an appreciation for the beauty of the place. The RV’s faced east and the sunrise put on quite a display that latest for some time. It turns out that a storm is building up in the north and heading this way. A little while later I shared my dream with Michael while we sipped tea and coffee and watched the sunrise on the front seats of the RV. It was a spectacular sunrise filled with pink and orange and a few Ocotillo standing tall and proud on the distant horizon line. Callie sat in my lap for a short while enjoying the moment too, and then jumped up to the top bunk to sleep the morning away. Reality hit again a little while later as we were attempting to flush out the bright pink antifreeze that somehow was in our clean water tank to prevent it from freezing the pipes. The previous owners had put it in there when the RV had been stored. Every day brings a mixture of pure magic and small and insignificant little crises that make the experience of RV camping so powerful. I suppose a lot of it has to do with the learning curve and eventually it won’t be so new and stressful but also won’t be filled with the newness of wonder either! Waking up to a dream this detailed and pleasurable has meaning for me. I haven’t been recalling my dreams for quite some time now. I believe it must be because of the RV experience as it pulls you out of your routine and into a day by day and here and now form of existence. Your reality is shaken up and you are forced to adapt to constant small changes that require you to react to them immediately.  How you react will determine the outcome. Very interesting……..

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