We spent one day and night at Borrego Palm Canyon before heading to Lake Cuyamaca which is south/west of Anza Borrego at a higher elevation of about 4800 ft. The lake had more than doubled in size since the last time Michael and I visited about 6 months ago. We ate lunch at the lakeside restaurant that specializes in chicken pot pie and hot apple pie with ice cream. I opted for the Reuben sandwich and it was out of this world. I try to avoid meat as much as possible because of climate change and that cows live in such deplorable conditions unless allowed to graze free range. This sandwich was a treat and incredibly tasty so I was very appreciative. We ended up getting a camp site for the night and parked right by the lake and watched people fish and listened to Canadian geese and coots squabble and jabber throughout the later part of the day. Turkey vultures soared above and an occasional bald eagle pair are known to nest in the pines on the island. At dusk the geese started to head out in small groups to roost wherever they roost for the night, and would honk and chatter to one another as they took flight. The sun set behind Stonewall Mountain and as soon as it did, the temperature dropped noticeably. By dusk, the Santa Ana winds picked up and the glass like lake became roiled and choppy. When the stars and planets made themselves known, it was a fantastic display and we all agreed that it was one of the best starry nights any of us had ever seen. The wind blew throughout the night, gently rocking the RV and it was a fun but chilly evening. Michael and Fred play cards in Fred’s RV and that gives Callie and me some quiet alone time before going to bed much earlier than them. We got up to the geese returning to the lake and had breakfast out on a picnic table in the crisp cool morning. I took Callie on several short walks and her leash skills are improving and we are going for longer and longer walks. Mid-morning we decided to head east again and settled on Agua Caliente as our next destination.

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