Seeing Green! A Super Bloom in ABDSP

It is difficult to say quite yet, but I am convinced that Anza Borrego Desert State Park will experience a “super bloom,” this spring. The hillsides are carpeted in green and I can see green everywhere I look. The Ocotillo have burst forth in a dense blanket of waxy green leaves and they almost appear to be big fat leafy bushes from afar. When Fred, Michael, Callie and I camped at Agua Caliente, you could see the glow of green everywhere. Driving through the Butterfield Overland Mail Stagecoach Route and Blair Valley was a shock of green. I will keep my fingers crossed and my hopes high that the sun will shine and the evenings not drop to below freezing temperatures. The weather calls for mild temps and plenty of sunshine. We received more rain a couple days ago and have had good rainfall all winter. These conditions are perfect for desert flowers. I took a few before shots and will be sure to go back to the same areas to show the explosion of color when the desert starts to bloom. How fortunate I am to be living in Borrego Springs at this time. And with the RV, I will be sure to get Callie, Michael and myself the hell out of here when temperatues soar to 124 degrees. (The first 2 photographs are from Henderson Canyon last year at the same time)…

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