A Farrier Named Rochelle

You do not find many women farriers in life and my sister Gayle has met a good one. Rochelle use to be a lab tech drawing blood in a hospital in Long Beach, California and switched careers mid life. She is a talented horse shoer with loads of patience and a gentle but firm touch.  The horses respond well to her and she does a fabulous job and has been doing Gayle’s horses for close to 15 or more years. It can be very dangerous work and her injuries are numerous. A horse can react in a split second, rearing up and coming down on a human foot, pulling back on the lead line and snapping a finger off and of course landing a swift kick when you least expect it! I am very impressed with Rochelle and thought I would post this short story about her in my blog about Callie. Callie is not the only animal in my life, but she doesn’t know about the others. Katy Kittie, River, Murphy, Bella and Sargent live with my sister Gayle. Gayle and I are very close and it is always a pleasure to visit with her and go horseback riding and play with her awesome dogs and one cat…. Callie doesn’t like to see me pack up the suitcase, and will never know of my whereabouts; she must suspect something is going on but is too happy to see my return and doesn’t ask too many questions. May it stay that way…

3 thoughts on “A Farrier Named Rochelle

  1. Lara D February 22, 2017 / 9:42 pm

    Callie would be so jealous if she knew! 🙂

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