Dune Evening Primrose

Now isn’t that a great name for a desert dwelling flower that appears almost over night in the harshest, driest, sandiest, locations…. Henderson Canyon in Anza Borrego Desert State Park is filled with these robust low lying, large showy flowers. It is still too early for the Verbena and Desert Sunflowers, but I am pretty sure this weekend will not disappoint all the people that will flock to the desert to see the wildflowers. The sunshine was abundant today and there was no wind to dry out the fragile blooms. Good weather is predicted all week and into the next with temperatures continuing to rise. 

We spent all day in Palm Springs and Indio doing errands and Callie had to stay home by herself for the day. She does not enjoy staying by herself and actually threw up by the kitchen window while we were gone. When we retuned home, I made sure to groom her and give her extra attention and she made sure to return the favor back to me. She likes to lie up on Michael’s large B&W speakers while we watch TV if she isn’t already in her red basket on the table. Michael mentioned that she has been ignoring him for several days and I assured him that it wouldn’t last. He has had his friend Fred visiting and she has chosen to spend more time with me. As soon as I left the room tonight to work on my blog, who should I catch snuggled up in her beloved’s lap when I came back in to say goodnight!?  I Caught Callie once again in the act of rampant betrayal. I quickly left the room to continue to write so that I didn’t disturb the lovebirds. They both look so guilty when I catch them sleeping together and I can’t understand why. She leaps out of his arms if I walk into the room.  I need a good night’s rest so that I can take photographs tomorrow and will be going to bed early. Let them hang out all they want in front of the TV! May the Dune Evening Primrose continue to bloom all week and the other wildflowers make their debut soon. Can’t wait to see what the morning will bring. Every day will have a different flower competing for their special day under the sun.

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