Bedroom Etiquette 

Lately I have been focusing all of my attention on the desert wildflowers and Callie wants another story about her. I have described in past blog posts that Callie has preferred preferences on which bed she likes depending on her mood. Sometimes she likes to sleep curled up by my side and if I toss and turn too much, she jumps up on the bedroom hutch and either sleeps on the flattened roof of her Kong bed, inside her bed or on her round bed that goes to Holiday Pet Hotel when she is boarded. The round bed becomes her least favorite bed after a lengthy stay at HPH, but given enough time in between, she will crawl up into it and curl up in a ball. I looked for her last night in the middle of the night because I could hear her snoring and reached inside the Kong bed assuming she was in there. When I didn’t find her there, I gave up and didn’t even consider looking in the round bed. I kept hearing her on and off throughout the night and thought maybe she was under the covers or under the bed. I didn’t find her until this morning after I had gone out to shoot my dawn photographs of the foothills behind the house and I called and whistled for her and she finally popped her head up to let me know where she was. She couldn’t understand what all the fuss was about but was pleased with herself for causing trouble. Sometimes I think she purposefully likes to view me frantically looking for her. It gives her personal satisfaction to watch me become more and more agitated. Cats are such a trip. She will yawn and stretch and reach out to me and give me a little pat as if to say, “Chill out woman, what is all the fuss about?”…. 

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