Sleeping the Day Away

I have been busy for the past couple weeks being manic about the wildflowers in Anza Borrego and I thought I would update my readers about Miss Callie. As long as we get home at a decent hour, Callie is fine with sleeping the day away on her roof top Kong Bed. When the activity load exceeds her desire to participate, she runs under my bed to alert me that she would rather not be bothered. It is a treat for her to know that we are hiking under the scorching sun and that she has a day off to take a nap. If we are gone too long and for too many days in a row, she will sit by the door and ask to participate. So today was a day to nap. Callie has once again flattened the roof of her Kong bed to create a hammock type sofa bed and is really enjoying the naughtiness of it all. I have watched her in action when she no longer desires the comforts of a homey condo and would rather sleep on the roof. Callie has to jump up and pound the roof with her front paws much like a fox in snow leaping on top of a mouse hidden under a drift. It takes several attempts before she gets the roof to flatten just so. Then she crawls up on top of the bed and makes herself cozy. She goes back and forth from the round bed to the flattened roof and has a view of the desert from where she sleeps. Coyotes have been howling at the full moon during the night and we saw a silver desert fox this evening while sipping wine and beer in the backyard. Michael, Fred and I are very tired from hiking the Slot and will try to get up early to hike Borrego Palm Canyon one more time before the flower display fades into the heat of the sun. Callie does her best to cooperate by taking lengthy naps and sleeping the day away…..

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