River Rat- I Mean Cat!

Callie, Michael and I made a dash for the river and Davis Camp 4 days ago to get away from an incredibly destructive windstorm in Anza Borrego. Our pool is filled with sand again and the house has its share of sand dunes forming along the inside of doors and windows. The wildflowers are all gone and the only traces of caterpillars are dark stains on the roads where they tried to cross and were run over by cars from all the people viewing the flowers. The hawks have moved on in search of other food sources and the desert has returned to its harsh and arid self. The wind is what disperses the seeds and pollen for yet another year, but it is a little disheartening to watch and miserable to live in. I feel for all the wildlife that have been experiencing the super bloom and enjoying the abundance of life giving water and plant life it produces. It has been the Garden of Eden and has returned to hell once again. At least Callie is healing after an upper respiratory infection and mild ear infection so we decided to make the great escape and run away for awhile.

The drive to Davis Camp RV Park was easy and we set up camp right alongside the river. The RV is angled sideways so that we can watch the boats and jet skies zoom by and the sun sets behind the hills on the other side of the river. We unfortunately did not escape the wind but the good that has come out of it is that the wind keeps the temperature cooler.

Callie loves it here. There are a pair of Mallard Ducks that waddle right up to the RV and Callie has placed herself on the dash as sentinel and can watch them undetected while her tail thwaps and thunks and twitches spastically! You can just tell how much she would love tasting duck on the menu. The Common Grackles, a starling like bird swoop down and harass her with screeches and clucks while on our walks, so I have learned to keep a close eye out from above.  They mob her in groups of about 5 and you can tell they know she is a predator because they don’t do it to the dogs. She has a lovely spot of grass right on the shoreline that she lies in and watches the boats and the same pair of ducks go by. The Riverside Resort Hotel and Casino boat chugs by every couple of hours and people wave at her. There are not many cats hanging out alongside the river. 

We are at the base of the dam and the water level is high and the current very strong. Coots, a small duck like bird have learned to use the fast moving current to their advantage and fly to the base of the dam and then float backwards at incredible speed. When they see a good food source, they dive down into the water and then pop up and zoom backward until they are far enough down river that they are forced to repeat the process all over again. On the other side of the river there is the river walk and bikers and joggers race along in the shadow of the hillside. The summer heat hasn’t geared up quite yet, so it is still possible to be outdoors in the middle of the day.

Michael is becoming an awesome BBQ cook and we are preparing 5 course meals with dessert and a glass of wine while the sun sets behind the hills. The RV is perfectly suited for the three of us and I have no complaints. It is a 24′ Fleetwood Icon and it is plenty big and I am so glad we didn’t purchase a larger one. It is mobile but roomy enough for all three of us to have our own special place. Callie has the dashboard, I get the table and Michael has the sofa. 

At night we sleep above the cab and it is quite a jump for Callie to make it up to bed. Her need for several nighttime feedings has been a problem until I set up a tray on the sofa for her to nibble on during the night. Callie has to ask permission to eat for some odd reason and so instead of climbing down the ladder twice a night to assist her to the back bathroom where her food is during the day, I can now give her a gentle shove off the bed and after landing on the sofa, voila- there is her food. She crunches on 5 or 6 kibbles and then jumps back up on the bed to continue her night of staring out the window. She does her best to be quiet, but sleep evades her most of the night. In the morning when I am ready to start the day, Callie is sleepy and settles down on the dash for her turn to nap until the sun gets too hot. She then has the top of the sofa with the window open which provides a nice breeze in the middle of the day. You cannot take the nocturnal out of her. 

My dream of travels with Callie have become a reality and I am so appreciative that it is turning out so well for all of us. Callie is an intelligent cat and needs a lot of stimulation. Michael and I wanted to travel and have her be a part of the equation. Not every cat could handle all the excitement and activity. As much as Callie loves the river though, we will be heading up north again next. I am tired of the arid desert life and hungry for green foliage and cooler temperatures. Our friend Fred will probably be ready for another adventure too!

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